Games - Interactive

 I am credited on numerous shipped game titles. My foundation of game development experience has broadly applied in many areas of my career. Using a 3D medium to create rich interactive, storytelling experiences

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modeling  -  rendering  -  Animation  -  vR  -  compositing  -  vfx   



By using interactive technology for experimental product development and testing, concepts can be adjusted on the fly. My game development experience in this challenging field help produce results.   See for yourself.



Working with Architects, Engineers, Designers, Developers and Manufacturers to envision what  has yet to be built. Matching the needs of a client with technology from 3D Renderings/Animation to VR/AR.  See for yourself.



The applications for 3D technologies in the field of medicine and medical products appear boundless. From complex procedures to interactive training, supporting the medical industry continues to be rewarding.  View my portfolio.

bringing vision to life through digital storytelling


I am a Stetson University graduate, with a background in Fine Art and Business. As a fine art student I focused on sculpture, and transitioned my skills to the digital realm.  I have over two decades of experience in Software Development and Computer Graphics/Animation, completing a variety of different work. My professional experience beyond games extends to the Medical, Legal, Military, and Architectural fields.

As a visual creative professional I enjoy the story telling process and have found computer graphics/animation to be an excellent medium. Working with creative teams to develop interactive, animated or rendered imagery to convey a coherent vision is extremely rewarding.